Our mission

We’re making mental health care more accessible by empowering therapists and unlocking their best performance

With millions of people seeking mental health care every day, providers are struggling to meet demand. We’re seeking to solve this issue by helping therapists become more effective.

The problem

One in four patients leave treatment worse than when they started

And this doesn’t include patients who simply don't improve.

This is happening because there are not enough tools to quickly identify patients who aren't responding to treatment.

Our solution

Measuring outcomes in real-time

Allminds is building technology that makes tracking behavioral outcomes easier than ever. In the office, via Telehealth, or both.

This helps therapists gain more insight into their clients' care, improving outcomes and increasing the total number of people they can help.

What people are saying

The data that comes from the simple client check-in questions has been crucial in helping us track our client outcomes. It also makes it very easy to see productivity in an otherwise very honor based system that works for some but not others.

As a clinician I want to always refine my skills and keep track of my client's progress. Allminds has made it simple and fun to monitor mine and my patient's growth with its evidence-based data tracking system.

See what Allminds can do for your clinic

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