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Allminds helps behavioral providers measure outcomes through convenient digital self-assessments to reduce treatment failures, improve outcomes, and highlight the great work that they are doing.

With Allminds, therapists can have their clients quickly rate their functioning before every session. Then after every session, therapists also get immediate feedback, directly from the client. The best part? This process only takes a few seconds for clients, and zero work for therapists.

Our platform also includes a fully-integrated telehealth platform with tools designed just for therapy (like our sand tray and whiteboard). That way, therapists can measure outcomes in the office, virtually, or both.

We offer different plans starting at $19 per month. For more information please visit our pricing page.

Simply create a new account to use all the Pro features free for 30 days. Near the end of your trial, choose a plan and enter your billing information to continue your subscription without interruption.

You can be up and running in minutes. We’ve made it simple to get started with minimal required information for you to enter.

Security and Compliance

Yes! The security of your account and electronic Patient Health Information (ePHI) is extremely important to us. Here is a summary of some the measures we take to be HIPAA compliant:

  • Your passwords are encrypted and not accessible to anyone but you
  • All our user data is encrypted and stored in multiple servers maintained by a secure provider with more than 700 security engineers
  • Our databases can only be accessed by the CEO and CTO of the company, and all activity is monitored on a monthly basis
  • Our cloud infrastructure uses multi-factor authentication and auto-generated secure passwords
  • All our hardware containing client information uses disk encryption and is password-locked
  • We enforce strict security protocols on all our employees

Here is a list of additional technical measures we take to be HIPAA compliant:

  • Our entire web application and APIs are secured with 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption
  • Our hosting architecture is entirely comprised of HIPAA compliant tools
  • Our video calls are powered by a HIPAA-compliant architecture
  • HIPAA compliant system architecture with separate web and database
  • Application and Database server isolation
  • Managed patching, version control, and security updates
  • Credit card transactions processed using secure encryption on a PCI compliant network

Yep - When you start your free trial with Allminds, you also agree to our Terms of Service and Business Associate Agreement. Creating an account constitutes a legally binding agreement as stated when you click the Sign up button.

All features in our platform are covered in this agreement, including your video sessions

There will be no need for you to agree to or "sign" the BAA again once you start a paid subscription. You can access a copy of the agreement here: Allminds BAA.

We do not record or store any video sessions.

Requirements to use Allminds

Nope. Allminds works on most modern browsers and almost any device with a camera, including: phones, tablets, laptops and chromebooks.

No. Your clients will be able to instantly join the session through a secure URL.

They will not have to:

  • Download or install software or extensions
  • Enter a password or ID to access the session
  • Create an account or login into an account

Allminds works with the most popular browsers. You must use one of these supported browsers:

Desktops / Laptops: Google Chrome OR Safari.

Android devices (phones and tablets): Google Chrome ONLY.

iOS devices (iPhones and iPads): Safari ONLY.

Note: You must ensure you and your clients are using the most up-to-date browser version to have the best experience. Please do not use Allminds on older or unsupported browser versions (like Internet Explorer) and be aware that incompatibilities can cause technical and video issues.


After you configure your client in your account, you will be able to invite them through a unique URL that they can repeatedly use to join their virtual sessions.

At the time of your appointment, simply open your Allminds account, go to your client's profile and click on "Video Session". This will automatically connect you to the call.

You will be alerted as soon as your client opens their URL and attempts to join the session.

Yes! You can invite up to two guests to join a video session with your client, like a parent or a partner. Guests can join the sessions through a secure URL that you provide for each client.

The screensharing button is located in the quick access menu, which you can open by clicking on the large button on the bottom right corner of your screen

When you start the screen share, your browser will prompt you to select the content you want to share. Common options are:

  • Your entire screen
  • A specific window (recommended)
  • A specific browser tab

The sand tray and whiteboard can be launched from the quick access menu during video calls, which you can open by clicking on the large button on the bottom right corner of your screen.

When you start the whiteboard/sand tray, it will automatically open for your client and all other participants.

The chatroom button is located in the quick access menu during video calls, which you can open by clicking on the large button on the bottom right corner of your screen

When send a message to your client, the chatroom will automatically open for them.

For each client, you can customize a check-in form to track how they're feeling across different functional domains:

Family functioning, Living situation, Social functioning, Relationship functioning, Recreational, Job functioning, Legal, Medical/Physical, Sexual development, Sleep, School and Optimism.

Your clients will be shown the check-in form before joining the call, and you will see their scores right before starting the session.

After each session, your clients are asked to rate if they found the session helpful, if they talked about what they wanted, and if they believe your practice is the right fit for them.

You can keep track of your client's functional progress and session feedback through your dashboard at anytime.

Each form is designed to be completed in less than five seconds and be as effortless as possible.

In addition to English, we currently have Spanish and Kid-friendly versions of the forms.

You can customize a client's check-in form by going to their Allminds page and clicking on "Edit Check-In"


We’re available via live chat, email (support@allminds.io) or phone (774-232-6921) Monday-Friday 8am-6pm PST. We do our best to provide timely, thorough, and thoughtful responses to every email within just a few hours during this time.

In addition to online support, we also offer the following way to connect with Product Specialists:

  • One-on-one 30-minute training sessions with an Onboarding Specialist
  • Video call screen-shares scheduled upon request at a time that’s convenient for you
  • Live Q&A sessions with a Product specialist

Cancel your account at any time by navigating to Manage account > Payment and click on “Cancel my membership”.

After your free 30-day trial, there are no contracts, and your subscription is paid on a month-to-month basis. You can cancel at any time, but you are responsible for any charges already incurred. We do not provide refunds.